“A strong positive energy and a great sense of humor, able to onboard the existing team and deploy radical changes in a very short period, upgrading our communication tools and keeping all stakeholders informed constantly. The impact on both our quality and efficiency of service delivery has been massive and will be long lasting.”

— François, Operations Manager

“Approaches work with a ‘customer first’ mentality. Very passionate in ensuring that whatever we did – from support to product launches to documentation – was all done for the benefit of the customer.”

— Kevin, Head of Customer Success

“The fundamental workflows and changes Lawrence implemented have remained in place to this day and are working well. I am completely grateful to have worked alongside a true expert in his field, as he involved me in many of the projects he saw through to completion. I consider Lawrence a mentor, and have learned so much from him about several skills, most notably his customer service excellence, and leadership & management, both of which he taught me.”

— Mehmet, Senior Support Analyst

“Research was always thorough and comprehensive, and fact checking always accurate. Writing is clear, concise, and evocative. Very conscientious.”

— Steve, Insurance Agency Owner

“A highly trustworthy individual who is organized and pays close attention to areas of compliance.”

— Monty, Insurance Agency Owner, National Champion Award Winner

“He was able to organize and make several processes work better which made for more efficiency… He is extremely knowledgeable with computers, and his organizational skills are tremendous. He is very honest and trustworthy.”

— Anne, Insurance Agency Owner