Customer Support Operations

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Hire Experience and Insight

L12 Solutions provides professional customer support management consulting and operational insights that leverage your company’s strengths. L12’s reports reveal immediate actions to propel your team forward.

Need more help? L12 can implement needed changes for teams to adopt powerful solutions that increase their productivity and profitability.

Before you build a new team, do a re-org, or switch tools, contact L12 Solutions for analysis and insight on proven success-based options. Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT), new business development, and employee retention.

Customer Operations

Business solutions to challenges, large and small. Integrate customer-first success principles everywhere and discover innovative ways to immediately improve your revenue, retain customers, capture insights, and manage it all with less anxiety.

Customer Support Improvements

When you sell a product or a service, support is critical to your eventual success. Manage your customer’s support requests with ease and use them to help build your business and increase profits. Don’t wait for your first ticket, or for a backlog of 500.

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Business Analysis

Determine what works, what doesn’t, and in a fraction of the time. Receive a holistic report and short-term and long-term needed changes. Find out more about our Heartbeat Analysis.


Want fast turnaround to make your team productive and company productive? L12 provides ongoing oversight as plans are implemented. In some cases, we can assist onsite.

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