About L12 Solutions

Hi. My name is Lawrence. I am a Salesforce and Systems Administrator available for piecemeal and contract work. I enjoy working with finance and insurance companies, energy and utility companies, non-profits, manufacturers, and more.

I also work with companies looking to improve their customer support operations and business processes. I enjoy creating efficient operations that empower companies to perform at their absolute best.

I also provide business analysis, SaaS customer improvements, and software tool evaluations and recommendations.

L12 Solutions is my consultation practice where I help teams and businesses jump to the next level. Here I share thoughts on customer support operations, customer support agent training and team management, documentation and knowledge bases, and customer journeys. And of course, Salesforce!

I also write about business management, profitability(!), sector growth, revenue reality, teamwork, human factors, support and CRM software, and modern work tips and tricks.

I have:

  • significantly decreased ticket (case) flows
  • massively improved ticket turn-around time (FCR)
  • created value-added processes and documentation
  • trained support teams
  • saved a company over $100k on Salesforce costs
  • reduced staff stress by incorporating more asynchronous workflows
  • automated business processes so owners and executives can relax
  • created calm customers that increase profits
  • reported on needed business improvements
  • worked and interfaced with cultures and companies world-wide<

I’m a Salesforce Certified Administrator see my Salesforce Trailhead profile here and a big believer in proper software tool selection and management to maximize profits and productivity.

A few other fun facts about me:

  • I’m a former PHP web developer and (still) an expert on WordPress website performance improvements.
  • Microsoft Excel is my friend and, in my view, not used nearly enough, or not used powerfully enough.
  • I look for ways to save my eyes from screen damage. How about sometimes an audio walk-n’-talk meeting instead of a video chat?

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