L12’s services focus on reports, implementation, and results. Discoveries are shared honestly.

Detailed Review of All Operations

At L12, we get our hands dirty. We sit with staff, ask tough questions, listen to your customers, review front-facing operational aspects of your business in person, and detail all outcomes with measurable feedback that is objective and clear.

After an agreed period of review, often combined with training for support personnel and related departments, a complete written analysis and relevant reports are sent to your organization.

The improved processes bring effective and profitable change as they are put into action by your team.

Heartbeat Analysis Report

Your support organization needs processes, standardization, and efficiencies. Eliminate pain point points blocking forward progress.

A ‘heartbeat analysis’ is a brief look at your company’s existing pain points and needs, and desired outcomes. This is done by remote consult with key players and takes 1-2 days of personnel interviews and shared screens.

This concludes with a Heartbeat Analysis report that provides some quick actionable measures that can be taken to begin turning the company ship toward the direction that will drive outstanding results.

While not as complete as ongoing consultation, it is a helpful option for companies on a limited budget.

Salesforce Administration and Consulting

As a Certified Salesforce Administrator, I enjoy helping organizations understand and maximize their investment into Salesforce. Whether you need a part-time admin, general advice, or just an ear to bounce your ideas (or troubles) off of, I’m happy to help.

Help Desk Software Administration and Consulting

It’s not only about software. I’ve administered help desk software like Help Scout, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, Freshdesk, and Zoho Desk. It’s really about processes and an organization's ability to execute those processes well.